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Please read! Message from CA!

CraigTWCraigTW Lead Community Manager, The Creative AssemblyPosts: 1,127Moderators, Administrators, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff, Tools Admin, Cakes!
Hi all,

We've had a bit of feedback to the effect that we're not listening, or are not paying attention to bugs. I just wanted to take a minute to explain things from our side and explain why this isn't the case.

For starters, take a look at this support forum. It's more extensive than any previous support forum we've operated - and we're actively engaging with more issues as a result of it.

We're working extremely hard to process as many issues from the community as possible - we listen to all feedback and enter all bugs into our database for fixing. Patch 2 fixed hundreds of bugs that the community helped identify. Right now we're working on the next patch (I promise full details as soon as I know them.)

We can't always reply to everyone. That doesn't mean we're not listening or taking action.

Remember, this forum is staffed by a handful of staff from CA. The rest are community moderators. That limits quite how "up close and personal" we can be.

But all feedback on the forum is passed on to the rest of the devs. If there's an issue that requires feedback or clarification, quite often they'll get stuck in too.

Hope this helps explain our position.

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