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working away - no internet

lornespencerlornespencer Posts: 1Registered Users

Ive just started playing this game and I love it, problem is I work offshore for 1-4 weeks at a time and sometimes we do not have any internet. Im wondering what will happen to my town/villages during this time, will it be totally destroyed by floods or do you think it will be ok. I dont want to invest too much of my time playing this game if its not suitable with me working away.



  • HybridHybrid Junior Member Posts: 653Registered Users
    Nothing particularly bad will happen.

    Raiders only attack when you're online. It may happen that you log in and immediately see a raider, but they only appeared because you logged in.

    I believe full-size sheep and cattle herds keep eating and may have starvation deaths if you don't have enough grass to sustain them.

    Floods don't happen randomly. They happen because of bad terraforming.

    Trees will keep spreading onto all contingent fertile land. Not the whole map. Just fertile land.

    Everything else will just kind of stop doing anything useful.
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