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Newbie help

Started a battle today with my roman army and was up against over 1000 German spearman all in one big massive line. I had a fairly mixed bag of soldiers but tell you the truth is didn't have a clue what to do!! They trounced me as soon as the fighting started!

What do I need to do in future?

I only started playing this 3 weeks ago first ever total war game.


  • Raphael4722Raphael4722 Registered Users Posts: 8
    edited May 2017
    I assume you're talking about the spearmen that can form the phalanx formation. Yeah phalanxes can be tough to combat with non-phalanxes. You have to attack phalanxes from the sides and back to beat them. Just have one infantry unit engage them from the front and then for example charge them from the back with some calvary. Getting archers behind the enemy army and firing flaming arrows into their backs is very effective, but it's harder to sneak archers behind obviously.

    Also if you're facing a long line of phalanxes don't engage them all at once. Attack the ones on the sides or the more isolated ones first. It may take a lot of micromanaging to accomplish this. German spearmen should rout pretty easily if you follow these two pieces of advice. Wait until you have to fight Armored/Spartan hoplites or Macedonian Royal Pikemen to complain! Those phalanx units will be difficult to rout even when surrounded.
  • scoutman1121scoutman1121 Registered Users Posts: 10
    Alright this is how to deal with it either way. Phalanx or Non-Phalanx.

    Alright first you want to make your line, if they charge and have a phalanx, try breaking up your troops into two different directions. Then have your cavalry swing around the flanks and hit the back or flanks of the Phalanx. This will rout them very easily. By this point, you've routed most of them. The easiest way to combat Phalanx's is try to separate the phalanx line in two, then swing your cavalry around and hit them in the rear.

  • BALLYSEAGALBALLYSEAGAL Registered Users Posts: 8

    I also have a city under siege and can't get relief to them quickly enough. How to I fight them or make them assault so I can defend my city?
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