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Council Guard unit for Skaven!

jamreal18jamreal18 Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 7,155
edited May 2017 in Feedback & Suggestions
CA, Please don't forget to add Council Guard unit to Skaven unit roster...


"Council Guard", the elite warriors that protect the Council and the Grey Seers...

They are white-furred Skaven who do not have horns

They are one of the greatest and most disciplined military force within the Under-Empire

As I mentioned in another thread,

Lzardmen has Temple Guard
High Elves' has Phoenix Guard
Dark Elves' has Black Guard
Tomb Kings' has Tomb Guard

Even W1 races have...
Vampire Counts' has Grave Guard
Wood Elves' has Eternal Guard

So let Skaven have their own guard unit....

Suggestion for diversity of units per clan...
*Thanquol - Council Guard
*Clan Eshin - warp guard
*Clan Mors - red guard


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