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Remastered Napoleon To Bring Optimization in-line With Other Titles.

AgentGBAgentGB Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 382
Is there any chance we may be able to see one more DLC for Napoleon? It's a tight little game with a fairly still sizeable and active player base, but there are some problems which unfortunately still plague it, and it's mostly in the multiplayer campaign, which is a real pity. I'm realist, and I understand to go back and do some work on a old title means pulling bodies of other titles, and work does need to be paid for. I would quite happily pay for a DLC that would help support a optimization patch, or something that increases the network reliability in multiplayer campaign games. Old titles like Shogun 2 & Fall Of The Samurai are rock solid in stability, performance, and visuals, standing the test of time, it's a joy to dust of the old titles and get stuck into a multiplayer campaign with someone knowing that there won't be any desynchs, radical ticking difficulty switches, and general all round good performance, even during insane huge battle sizes. The only thing that seems to let down Napoleon is it performance issues, especially during multiplayer, which is crucial, it's horrid getting a desynch, and having to replay a battle, from which your opponent has learnt from, reducing the element of surprise tactically in battles. It is a extremely fun game to play in multiplayer campaign, the economy system, the line battles, the excellent ship battles, really does the time period justice.

If you look in the multiplayer battle lobby, there are usually always people playing it, but if you look in the multiplayer campaign lobby, that is generally few and between. I think the reason is because of the unreliability, and the slight need for a little optimization, all CA titles after Shogun are sound has a pound when it comes to multiplayer campaigns, you have really worked out the issues, but you have left this timeless title by the wayside, and it's quite a shame. Now I know you probably don't want to hear this, but it could actually be beneficial to go back and perhaps give it a little touch up. The Paradox model of games see a lot of there older titles still receiving DLCs that help optimise and improve game mechanics. Now in regard to Napoleon, there isn't much in the way of mechanics or game content to qualify a new DLC for it, or atleast from my point of view, since it's been done well enough already. But perhaps a remastered version could be the way to go? Even if it's paid for to get the upgrade. I can't see you guys going back anytime soon and making another Napoleon, so I don't see much harm if possible going back and giving Napoleon a little go over in the optimization/performance department.

It's a longshot anyway, and I understand the position you're in, and you're a good company, that give a lot of Free-LC to the player base, a lot more then other companies, but I would quite happily fund and support CA should they choose to give Napoleon the remastered touch or a DLC that would help fund or give justification to do a little bit of rework on the title.

Napoleon Remastered
Unit Pack

You may not actually shift much in the DLC department, but I think when words get around that Napoleon is running like a dream comparable to Shogun, Rome 2, and Warhammer in multiplayer campaign. Hopefully you will break even after a certain duration.

Thanks For Reading.

p.s Oldies are the Goldies

TLDR: please try to improve performance for multiplayer campaigns, so Napoleon plays just aswell like Shogun 2, Rome 2, Warhammer in multiplayer campaign, increasing optimization, and reducing desynchs for this great old title. Would happily pay for DLC or a remastered upgrade. Thank you


  • GoslingGosling Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,887
    It won't happen: the game is closer to a decade old than not, and will be having 0 manpower spent on it.

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    An' den I'm gonna get really mean."

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  • AgentGBAgentGB Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 382
    Thats a pity, because some of the things that are broken would probably be quite easy for CA to fix now.

    It's quite amazing how plently of other folks still have similar problems in mp campaign

    oh well

    thanks for your reply
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