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cowards in quick battle

FaustFaust Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 11
Why there is no penalty for leaving quick battle before find openonet?
Some coward mostly Addermire yhoose play only aginst bad player so thy get high rank but whn thy see strong oponent and thy know thy will lose thy leave even beofre game start. Why there is no penalty liek lose points + cansearch quick battle for some times? I hate thsose noobs who dont know play and winn only by avoiding good players. People are sick becouse of this king of palyers so thy stop played quic k battle so basily multyplayer is dead becouse few like this guy


  • EstrelaGalizaEstrelaGaliza Registered Users Posts: 3
    edited July 2018

    The same guy ''Addermire'' keeps doing same thing after more than a year... at ''Thornes of Britannia''.

    He's trying to get top 1 just fighting against noobs. I always had less rank than him and since I beat him he always run away when we match... Even when he is over me at the scoreboard (pathetic).

    The worst thing is the playerbase is almost dead.... but he prefers to be 4 hours waiting for a easy battle agaisnt noobs (not fun and easy XP) instead of fight agaisnt me.

    This guy is so sad.
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