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Only front line gunpowder units will shoot.

Only the front line of units such as line infantry will shoot while the ones behind just stand around fiddling thumbs while their comrades die.

I have realised that i can simply spread them out into one line but thats not very efficient for tactics and stuff.

plz help fots noob


  • 24thRegiment24thRegiment Posts: 5Registered Users
    You have to click/research "Kneel Fire". Or get a mod that allows fire-by-rank.
  • ManPigManPig Posts: 1Registered Users
    Yeah, once you have got the "Kneel Fire" tech (great to get early on) the only other thing you can do to maximise output of bullets without ridiculously long formations without mods is by finding elevated terrain and layering your troops so that the troops in front to do not obstruct line of sight and thus allow units behind to fire. :/
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