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Lack of Medieval III ...

King_MehrdadKing_Mehrdad Posts: 2Registered Users
The new engine which used since Rome II TW is needed on a new medieval TW which can be Creative Assembly's next production, I'm sure the Medieval III will become much more popular than the last one (warhammer) because of having a '''Very''' Historical and Dramatic Scenario .
Hope to play it soon !


  • Splash074Splash074 Posts: 2Registered Users
    I agree completely. We want a updated Medieval that's on the new engine!!
  • RazeAndBurnRazeAndBurn Posts: 82Registered Users
    This new engine is a piece of №#$! I get triggered every time I see an ideal diagonal forming of a rank - these people aren't soldiers, they are robots!
  • Emperor_SalvatoreEmperor_Salvatore Junior Member Posts: 36Registered Users
    Medieval 2 was a masterpiece of a game, if they kept the same mechanics, factions, political system, religion and building system the same; put the whole thing into a new engine that allows the same game play (unit mass, collisions and units fighting more than 1 on 1) as well as adding naval battles, improved graphics and features from Rome 2 and Attila....
    The game would be the best seller from the Total war franchise, Medieval 3 or a remastered medieval 2 is the most desired game in the steam forums and youtube, it just needs bug fixes and a huge graphical overhaul and ofcourse added naval battles for more variety.

    I'd gladly buy Medieval 3 or a remaster, provided it takes after Medieval 2 in the points that i made.
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