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Shogun Total War - Gold Edition won't run, windows 7

RBGAuronRBGAuron Posts: 1Registered Users
So I have seen nearly endless forum posts about various issues with Shogun Total War and different versions of windows but none with my particular problem.

So I have Shogun Total War Gold Edition from Sold out Software specifically. I can install it no problem, but the launcher won't start without being prompted, and then the game won't start at all no matter how I try to launch it. I have tried every compatibility mode setting there is, tried dozens of patches to no avail. I don't even get any error messages, the game doesn't launch at all.

my pc is pretty crappy really, but it ran the game perfectly previously but just won't work now for whatever reason. I would appreciate any help you can give me.

My Specs:
2 gigs ram
Intel Celeron CPU 900 @ 2.2 GHz
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit


  • CrizmCrizm Posts: 1Registered Users
    (I know that this is an old thread but i'll still reply) I also have the same problem but on Windows 10 (32bit) .I bought Shogun 1 Gold Edition from Steam, and trying to run it is nearly impossible.I have a really crappy net book, but i can still run Total War: Rome with no problems what so ever, while on Shogun the game turns on the launcher and 2 seconds after i press the ''Start''button the game either freezes or it tells me that i have outdated drivers.I reinstalled my drivers and it still didn't run.I tried digging through the files of Shogun just to find a ''Config'' file so i can change the settings manually but there ain't no ''Config'' file.The only thing that i found was a folder that had 2 sub-folders that each of them were named by my resolution (one of them was named 1024 and the other one was named 600) but still no clue because there isn't anything but some random files inside.A lot of people have this issue but no clue, i contacted Sega Support and they told me to launch it with compatibility mode on Windows XP (Service Pack 2) but it still didn't work.I think that its a dead end, but my recommend to you is to install a ''Virtual Machine'' and try running it like that.

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