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Nilfgaard in warhammer? DEV or someone please reply :)

AdopotatoAdopotato Registered Users Posts: 19
so i posted a discussion a day ago

( https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/195221/can-i-make-witcher-units-in-warhammer-total-war-e-g-nilfgaard-impera-brigade#latest )

regarding if i can add soldiers from the witcher game into a unit pack too WH TW . I've tried contacting support but the referred to me here saying id have a reply in no time lol (being impatient but i don't want to keep making this unit pack if its not allowed to be shared, i've already spent a good 50 hours on it with about 60 to go making textures)

work in progress(lots to do still on these textures)

wont be adding witchers, just the soldiers that are based on historical medieval units. I don't really understand my limits (I've read the t&c's but only mentions stuff that games workshop owns like AOS and 40k)


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