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Can't see each other in Game Lobby

KapharnaKapharna Registered Users Posts: 1
Hi guys,

Whenever my friend and I try to play a game, we can't see each other's names in the Game Lobby.

We CAN join each other's lobby, but whenever we do, we don't see neither of our names and we get the "you have lost the connection to the game" error about 20 seconds after.

It seems like a weird and unknown bug to me, after reading these forums.

We both installed the fresh installation of the game, using the same DLC's.
We both have Windows 10.
Neither of us is using any mods.

I hope someone can help us! Thanks a lot!



  • chiqochiqo1chiqochiqo1 Registered Users Posts: 3
    I Have same problem.Me with my friend are using only cable 1 getting in 1 computer and 2 head on another,everything works fine,Rome total war,barbarian invasion but this Total war Attila doesnt work,and problem and error is so annoying.i see my friends host ,he too and we both can join to each others host but when i join him i see him but he cant,or when he joins me he recognizes me but i cant and approximattley in 2 mins the guy who is join drops out by error connection lost .when we try to start batte in this 2 min ,it doesnt start until the joined one gets out please i need help if you know how to solve this problem i ll be glad and helpfull
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