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Co-Op Campaign crash to desktop

vectreignsvectreigns Registered Users Posts: 6
Build: 1.6.0 (13578.1041534) No mods currently in use to make it simpler to play multiplayer.

Detailed description: During my co-op campaign (I'm the host), both the client ( Vampire Counts) and host (Von Carsteins) crash to desktop during the AI controlled Wood Elves turn. This does not mean that one of us crashes and the other time's out, both of us crash to desktop at the same time.

Reproduction Steps:
- Load campaign
- Client presses end turn to start the AI's turn cycle
- The game processes several AI factions' turns in order, but crashes both of us to desktop during the Wood Elves' turn.

Details of any solutions that have already been attempted: This is a legendary campaign, so we tried loading the older autosave, but even if we altered our actions, the crash still happened during the Wood Elves turn. This happens whether we have the "Show AI Turns" set to All, Limited, or Off. We've tried altering our actions during our turn to the extent possible in a Legendary campaign, but it has no effect.

Please let me know if this campaign is salvageable at this point.


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