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Rickyharris1234Rickyharris1234 Registered Users Posts: 2
In one turn I attacked Spain (for having a full stack sitting outside one of my castles) and France. Sensing they were both on the verge of the declaring war. I laid siege on Paris and attacked immediately, seeing as I had two ballistas, trying to take negate future reinforcements. Come to find out, I'm terrible at taking cities. I've known this for a while but this time I got the king of England killed in a fight where his army outnumbered the other almost 3-1. In hindsight I recognize some faults but I would love some siege tips and tricks. Thanks!!!


  • Warboss2001Warboss2001 Registered Users Posts: 664
    You shouldn't attack without at least 1 siege tower and 2 ladders as it could hurt you in the long run breaking the walls because then they could just walk right in and could u please tell your regular army composition please thanks
    I am the best Warboss there is WAAAGH
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