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Random performance - the annoying thing

ladywinnieladywinnie Posts: 55Registered Users
I have all kinds of units, some maybe two or three, all full attributes and full ideal equipment even full-slot medals.
Of course I play this game from Nov,2015, a beta version player.
But, even though, I found my army not quite good performance always, there seems to be a "debuff" on me!
Don't say my operation skill or experience is not good, I'm a SC2 cybersports player, and I calculate every timing and steps.
At last, I found there's a random seed which may have a big effects on the performance of your units, and maybe the web connection have the same too - Not the delay, I think it's jam and lag. If they occurs, the attack of your units is none.
And about zone problem, Asian players always feel their units is poor, as what I say "debuff".
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