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Chain lightning must be bugged

Xen0techXen0tech Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 50
It has no base damage and only 6 ap damage. Flame storm by comparison cost the same mana with better control and that does 12 base and 6 ap. Am I missing something here?


  • DandalusXVIIDandalusXVII Registered Users Posts: 3,161
    I disagree on how chain lighting works. IMO CA should add a new mechanic which is exactly like Diablo2 chain lighting but here hitting squads.
  • KayosivKayosiv Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,166
    Chain lightning being yet another vortex with different colored pretty lights was very disappointing. I agree with Dandy that it should have a chaining effect and bounce between units rather than just being a ball that might as well be flamestorm or purple sun.
  • KhorneFlakesKhorneFlakes Registered Users Posts: 3,373
    in tests lightning if stays do more damage to units than flame storm if both dont hit your own troops which they do 80% of the time,so theres more stats like aoe,distance,animation in the works

    Balance Is A Lie

  • RandomTagRandomTag Registered Users Posts: 1,470
    just file a bug report then, though I'm not sure if devs or qa actually read bug report board...
  • FerrousTarkusFerrousTarkus Registered Users Posts: 413
    Chain lightning is not a lightning chain, it shouldnt even be called as such in that state. Probably a money time constrain. Or value/money.

    Either way if thereis a bug it should be fixed obviously. Testit and report with maximum information.
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