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Rally Point - Cinematic Interview & Trailer Tease - July 2017

CA_TomCA_Tom Posts: 3Registered Users, Moderators, Administrators, CA Staff
edited October 2017 in News and Announcements
Join us for the July episode of Rally Point. For those that are new to the series, Rally Point is our community show that delivers News, Behind the Scenes, Event Highlights and sometimes never seen before content!

If you haven't seen the show yet, you can find it here:

This month has seen a lot of High Elves reveals and content, plus a new Let's Play! We also announced a brand new part of the Total War Franchise.

July's Exclusives: We've got a teaser for you, as well as an interview with the main Cinematic Artist that worked on the Dark Elves trailer, Kris Cho.

Full Versions of everything mentioned in this months show:
- A Total War Saga Announcement: https://forums.totalwar.com/discussion/196286/a-total-war-saga-announce-blog/p1
- Tyrion & Teclis: https://www.facebook.com/TotalWar/videos/1530293360379192/
- Swordmasters of Hoeth: https://www.facebook.com/TotalWar/videos/1518278024914059/
- High Elves Lets Play:

- Dark Elves Cinematic:
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  • SiWISiWI Senior Member Posts: 9,540Registered Users
    Good video, thou I would suggest to separate "the ritual" more from the "historical news" section, since I see people getting confused.
  • morgenjansenmorgenjansen Junior Member Posts: 8Registered Users
    All this Warhammer stuff

    Saw the vids but does nothing for me

    Sept 2013 - Rome 2

    Now Jul 2017 .., Oh god ...

    Bought Rome 2, Attila , all the DLC, so called hints about Historical titles and Sagas

    Could have lived with Total War Conan, Anteliluvian world with magic and heroes etc, but Warhammer? it does nothing.

    Please dont leave it months till we hear real details about Saga and new Historical titles

    Sept 2013, thats 4 damned years, have a little mercy ...
  • FredrinFredrin Senior Member LondonPosts: 3,012Registered Users
    2:18 of the Rally Point - so that's what Craig's up to these days!

    Darren has totally finessed the art of Let's plays. Like how he switches from in-battle to replay footage.

    Game itself is looking excellent!
  • morfeasnikosmorfeasnikos Member Posts: 59Registered Users
    Great previews
  • LanzhoLanzho Posts: 5Registered Users
    Skaven are called ?????? in Warhammer 2 races of the new world
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