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Shogun 2 animations (modding Question for devs)

HavieHavie Registered Users Posts: 1,486
Hello, I am reaching out here hopefully to any TW devs (or any1 else that would maybe know thats not on twcenter)
I was wondering if you could please help,

Im a modder for Shogun 2, ive done the ROTK mod over at TWCenter.net

I am digging into the animations, and Im having a little bit of trouble understanding how some of this is set up, specifically for example:

Lets take a matched combat horse charge animation so:
inder charges
rider_yar_ch_kill_01_kat_01.anim is an attacker file and it has two defender files, which are:


When you use this animation in game and run into a crowd the first death animation for the defender is correct, but the second one does not seem to match the result in game.

The second one (extracted and opened in 3ds MAX) shows a solider take a step back to the left, throw his arms up, walk in a circle from left to right, then fall over at the end and die.

This simply does not happen in game, So i was wondering, what is this 2nd animation file and how is it used? (you assume the 2nd "ch" in rider_yar_ch_kill_01_kat_ch_01__troop.anim would also stand for charge... but yeah kinda unclear how this is calculated and coded into the game.

Also curious how knockbacks and knockdowns are coded in this game. Yes you can see the animations for them, but theres no values or any tables i can find to edit that tell you "when " these knock backs should happen.

Thanks for the help hopefully
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