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Where did all the MP players go?

BoatsanHozeBoatsanHoze Senior MemberPosts: 219Registered Users
It's hard to get a game going now.

I've been tracking STEAM player stats and now there's ONLY roughly 2,000 more players playing SHO2 over ETW!!!?!?!? lol

I'm assuming its all the issues with MP and the lack of response to fix issues the community has brought up.

I think I saw 38k players playing SHO2 at peak..........now its roughly 8-10k. Grrrrrr.
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  • DameirDameir Senior Member Posts: 970Registered Users
    edited June 2011
    I'm waiting for CA to fix the drophack and make matchmaking fun again. But when they do, the number of players playing would AT LEAST become 2001.
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  • KlunzKlunz Senior Member Posts: 1,436Registered Users
    edited June 2011
    You gotta take into account that for a lot of young people exams have started and they don't have a lot of time to be playing computergames.
  • TaKTaK Member Posts: 30Registered Users
    edited June 2011
    I for one don't play much since I get disconnected in 50% of the games, as the crazy imbalanced leader general mass loan sword armies aren't enough since I can always use one myself. Had to try a few games just now and no, it still wasn't fun getting disconnected.
  • LordBaneLordBane Junior Member Posts: 22Registered Users
    edited June 2011
    I have given up on matchmaking. I wasn't enjoying myself at all and my experiences almost made me drop the game completely. Mixing an MMO-PVP like unlock/gear system with a tactical game and hashing it together the way they did was a mistake.

    I have played a few battle list games with folks around my rank and had a lot more fun, and got some good wins against armies I actually had a chance against.
  • eXistenZeXistenZ Senior Member Posts: 158Registered Users
    edited June 2011
    1) exams
    2) servers being down sometimes
    3) matchmaking
    4) my clan throwing any chanche of promotion to 1st league away by keeping collecting points in the same province. to illustrate: friday or so we had a lead of 1000 points in a province, today its a lead of 5000 points (the other clans didnt played on that province). thats 3500-4000 points we could have used somewhere else....
  • Toranaga SamaToranaga Sama Member Posts: 78Registered Users
    edited June 2011
    You gotta take into account that for a lot of young people exams have started and they don't have a lot of time to be playing computergames.

    Imagine what the unload off stress will cause afterwards. I assume they will want to shred the "older" players to peaces, just because they have the same age as their teachers lol
  • BoatsanHozeBoatsanHoze Senior Member Posts: 219Registered Users
    edited June 2011
    Battlist has been slow too.

    It's not exams.......in america most schools are out.

    AND wouldnt the same theory hold true in that ETW players would be lower too?
  • Valkyria BloodlineValkyria Bloodline Senior Member Posts: 215Registered Users
    edited June 2011
    I am playing Spectral Souls on the xoom now. I got tired of Matchlocks behind spear wall setup and I have to play more reality during the summer.
  • ColtColt Member Posts: 76Registered Users
    edited June 2011
    Maybe they finnaly all realized, that the game is broken to the core and the most fun you get is playing until you win and a hacker makes you drop, so why dont we all just follow their lead and wait until the game is fixed (loool)
    or could just keep on spamming the forums with "this is op and that is op" and scare even more players away sind everbody and his mother is starting to use the tactics spammed over and over in these topics.
  • MimikaMimika Junior Member Posts: 9Registered Users
    edited June 2011
    I dont play that much MP atm, just played abit yesterday after a graphic driver update, that really made alot of improvments on my online battles alot more smooth when it lagged sometimes. but as MP game its still broken on many areas iam waiting for some fixes, and doing some custom battles to train against certain armys i have problem facing.
    I dont care if drophack is fixed this instant, cause i dont really care about stats. But dont get me wrong here I hate thouse ppl who use this as it makes me/you loose time when you could have a fun battle win or loss.
    But i want MP to have the main faults taken care of. as you encounter them far more often then drophackers.
  • Magyar KhanMagyar Khan Senior Member Posts: 483Registered Users
    edited June 2011
    well i give up for all teh bugs and i would love to play classic mode in a ladder...... since the whole avatar system after the failed patches is simply getting too unfair
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  • Kinjo-migratedKinjo-migrated Senior Member Posts: 468Registered Users
    edited June 2011
    I honestly think CA is not rolling out fixes for MP fast enough, there have been issues with the general skill tree and unit upgrades that have been broken since day 1. Not to mention players getting their avatars reset broken leader boards and now the lack of players because of said issues. CA really needs to get on the ball with this if they want to keep mp alive. My problem with classic mode is I get bored after 3-4 games, avatar mode has more potential imo and I at least respect that CA really tried to give us something special here.
  • HaysHays Senior Member Posts: 192Registered Users
    edited June 2011
    Why? Colt.

    Lets see history of the game so far. The singleplayer is awesome boring. Fall asleep at my 1st Date kampaign. And finaly it could not be contiued, cause of game crash.

    Ok watch Multiplayer, wow a avatar! Design and level up. Conquer Japan to get units, make them vet, hell thats fun. And quite RPG the avatar. Balance not nice but ok. Many armor drops. Tousands of players around the world.
    Hmm why is my ingame name not the avatar name?
    Why i can design a avatar but its not shown on battlefield?
    Wow look at the ranking! Some people have 100 to 0 victorys in first days.
    ****, servers down, take hours to find a match and then some alt+f4 short bevore u win. No penalty for that? Rage occours.
    Multiplayer campaign dont work.
    Invite low level friends to make some even matched battles, at Classic... oops dont work.

    Ok, multiplayer was always screwed up by CA in the first days.
    They will fix it.
    **** what could i do vs a monk army?
    Oh no that camping...
    Oh no they firerocket my general...
    Why i am always at defender at siege battle?
    Ok some well known always alt+f4 on me, camping and general sniping will get penalry.
    Drats patch make impossible to change clanspec. No more armordrops... i need 1 part to blademaster.
    Most of the probs are not fixed... the weeks passes by.
    I play vs 1 Stars... on 5 000 on matchmade, what does enceclopedia says? Even matched? LOL!
    I still wonder how some could get a 95% win ratio... at ladder.
    Sometimes i see... defeating a skillfull spammer and a wanna be general sniper or camper and get no win.
    Reach 10 Stars.. oops.... i am forced to play 22.000 Battles. No chance.. havent got enough clantokens cant field a 22 k army two times in row and dont like monkspam.
    **** macinegun matchlok monks.
    Ok lobby quit, the 10 Stars.
    No activity in the lower level Tiers.
    Cloning vets, money exploiters. Hell what insane people do to win.

    Yes patch do many improvements! Fix alt+f4, the 22 k prob.
    **** servers still down on maintime.
    Spam changed skin. But its quite ok now.
    Only camping on some maps is annoying.
    What the hell make me drop out of battles?
    I still want to have blademaster.. but no amordrops.

    Ikko Ikki DLC for only 5 bucks.
    What? They screw up everything they fix and balanced out with latest patch.
    I dont like a nuclear race on multiplayer. It must be a mistake to boost loansword armys with (Monkcav)+3 morale and +7 def with 2 retainers. No ... it wasnt a leak. They want a nuclear race on multiplayer, with microtransaction for DLC!!! The Omen for Special edition wasnt a accident. A littel boost at start, ok. just decreases 1 morale of ashigarus. But not interesting for higher levels.

    Ok erase 50% of my vets cause they are useless now vs Ikko Ikki DLC players and theyr retainers. Even Ahigaru now stand an fight, with morale 10 and +7 Defence. The only weakness of them was removed.

    My win ratio dropped instantly from 2to1 to 1to4 in battles vs 10 Stars. Unfortunately everyone buys the DLC, and forces even more players to quit playing, or buy the DLC.

    Balance not with patches, balance boost with money. Its not the units... a riding warcry is a insultion...

    Form a melee army on 14 000 matchmade. With 20 units. longrange bowmonks and defence matchlocks including (stand tough vs Great Guard in melee) and some nag Cav. rest decent vetted Loanswords.

    But on teeth... there is a way... and learn every Tree and every hill on map, that turns the tide again.
    Oh.. why i was dropped out close to victory or right at battle start?

    Good Players who have the DLC, leave half of the army as backup and win with the other half.

    Ok make a test.. with clanmate. No retainers just fight 1vs1 on flat terrain.

    Hmm... why are my units routed? And he always have 50% or more of his units remaining?

    Same vanilla units 1vs1 on flat map. NO influences. And my units lose heavy in 3 of 1?

    Is it totally random who wins a fight? Oh no, i watch what the units are doing. At a random point one unit get a morale boost, and the other unit get a morale shock. The random point seems half of the men are dead.

    Having a disadvantage of -1 morale by waging ikko ikki retainer for whole army. He got a easy +3 morale and +7 def for his ashigaru.
    Perhaps he got a bladmaster too and there is one retainer spot left to make ashigaru 10% less.

    CA plz continue. Dont fix issues in game. Like in Empire. Just work on next addon. And plz continue, selling cheap DLC who screw up the multiplayer, instead of fixing major problems for Multiplayer known since Rome.

    Colt, as u read so far, a little diary i guess most of the players feel same. Any questions why players concede from multiplayer?
    Game dont work properly.
    Felt cheatet on, cause of unseen/unknown retainers.
    Matchmade broken, servers often down.
    A forced nuclear race instead of balancing patches.
    Random advantages (armor drops).
    Alt+F4 or drophack.
    Screwed up ladder.
    Random battle outcome. One vanilla unit vs ohter vanilla unit. One keep 50% of unit intact. One lose them all.
    Some rumors that they play with copy of shogun 2 and feel free to destroy the multiplayer.

    No players in Multiplayer? Oh one problem solved wihout fixing it.. Congrats CA Managers.
    Saved money. People are dumb enough to buy the nex DLC, Addon or Sequel.
  • KlunzKlunz Senior Member Posts: 1,436Registered Users
    edited June 2011
    I have to play more reality during the summer.

    Best sentence I've read in days! ^^
  • OshoOsho Junior Member Posts: 3Registered Users
    edited June 2011
    The player stats are a bit disappointing. I know the three friends that I played with (they're long-time TW fans and just now got me into the series) have all quit playing... I'm the only one left ):

    For them it was mostly the frustration around matchmade battles... and then about 50% of the games that do actually start ending with a dropped connection. One of them was still sticking it out for a while, but vet cloning abuse and frustration with cav upgrade bugs basically took him out too.

    Oh well.. I'm still playing.. and hopefully within a few more patches it'll be good enough I can get them back too. Otherwise one's playing a lot of Empire... others are just taking a TW break.
  • BoatsanHozeBoatsanHoze Senior Member Posts: 219Registered Users
    edited June 2011
    Its funny...... i read Craigs post today about what they are trying to fix, and I dont think any of what was mentioned here on why people have stopped playing is mentioned one time.

    It's sad how a company can be so clueless and out of touch with thier own game.

    Even from a business perspective, how can you make money from DLC if you run off all your customers before you even release the DLC..

    Sad, just sad.
  • HobHob Senior Member Posts: 149Registered Users
    edited June 2011
    Many have stopped due to the well known bugs/abusive army setups. My entire alliance has all but stopped playing the game 20+ players

    A great game when working with huge potential is sadly being let down by the staff - as nice as they are when they do post and fix things. The only thing I can think is they are either over run with work or simply not trying hard enough both fixable problems that would only serve to benefit them as a company in the future. Right now they aren't building themselves a rep that will help them long term....

    Such a shame really as no one has come close to creating similar games that could rival TW.
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  • Valkyria BloodlineValkyria Bloodline Senior Member Posts: 215Registered Users
    edited June 2011
    Best sentence I've read in days! ^^

    Thank you! Enjoy your summer!
  • HaysHays Senior Member Posts: 192Registered Users
    edited June 2011
    Yes the summer, but even on rain days...

    They come from a Peak of over 40.000 Players at same time in MP to a decent 5.000.

    They sold 6000+ Ikko Ikki DLC.. many of them are just playing campaign.

    Some days after the release of the DLC, the players playing online dropped rapidly.

    Even for 1vs1 matchmade u have to wait couple of minutes. No not the servers are down, the players are.

    Not the fault of the hard working coders, its the policy that shows a clear line, to worse.
    They motion capture stances, and run with ballistic details and have amazing engine. Thats good for advertising...
    And whats depends most for the player, they lost.
    Disappointment is not a good Argument to buy again.
    Screwing up Multiplayer balance for Money, instead of continious balance and bug fixes.
    A Multiplayer game is held alive from its balance.
    Last big Patch, was the right way. Affecting Multiplayer with a DLC was 3 Steps back. Sad, and shame on the greedy ones, who forced it in that way.
  • ColtColt Member Posts: 76Registered Users
    edited June 2011
    @ Hays i read all of your posts and i read em through and i can just agree with you on every term but we cant change it we can ieither adapt or just quit the game, i for myself stopped playing any landbattles and switched to siege's there at least i dont have the noob tactic problems and am currently quite happy with the games.
    But landbattles? no way i never gonna play em again till they are fixed

    Btw im still missing 1 random drop for the blademaster retainer xD
  • ThaxThax Senior Member Posts: 123Registered Users
    edited June 2011
    Since wow it seems every gaming company thinks they can achieve success with a broken release, although it worked for blizzerd it hasnt worked for anyone else.

    As far as CA's bank is concerned this title has been a decisive victory against our pocket books. If we fade off to the next game it only helps game makers, so why would they plan for longevity.
  • iTzDustyiTzDusty Junior Member Posts: 21Registered Users
    edited June 2011
    For me :

    1) exams and finishing up schoolwork
    2) Not wanting to buy the Ikko-Ikki DLC and having a large retainer disadvantage because of it
    3) Other games. The leaked Deus Ex beta kept me occupied and running out to my local game store for per ordering (amazing game btw)
    4) Server, drop hack, etc. Shogun 2 has become a joke since this is the state its in after all these months. I even started playing Company of Heroes again.....
  • hewhoraidsthewindhewhoraidsthewind Senior Member Posts: 104Registered Users
    edited June 2011
    iTzDusty wrote: »
    I even started playing Company of Heroes again.....

    +1 me too. "More old farts for the stomach battalion" ^^
  • BoatsanHozeBoatsanHoze Senior Member Posts: 219Registered Users
    edited June 2011
    Hmm never gave company of heroes a try. Maybe i need to.

    Thanks Ca..........drive us away.
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