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Von Carstein River Attack Bug & no reinforcements in open field bug

curaj90curaj90 Registered Users Posts: 1
Hey guys,

So I wonder if these two issues are bugs or just me being new to total war. So in round 39 with both eastern and western sylvania taken my commander Vlad and Isabella are holding the starting area castle Blackhaven. Southwest from there, directly behind the riverline there is a dwarven commander + medium army, Although Ive got enough movement points and I could cross the river before easily with this amount, I just cannot reach the dwarf and Im not able to cross the river at any point on the map. In addition if I decide to block the Riverdwarf and put both Isabella and Vlad next to him across the river, really close to each other, the ki is able to pick out my weaker commander (isabella) and is able to fight her without vlad. Is this really how it works? I ve never had these complications before.

Thank you for your help :)

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