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Release battle of kawagoe castle historical battle on the 30th anniversary?

masterslaymasterslay Junior MemberPosts: 41Registered Users
So think we can at last get the kawagoe castle historical battle for shogun 2, now that you are being so generous on warhammer 1 on your 30th anniversary while at the same time you actually have flashpoint team?


  • Saurto93Saurto93 Posts: 13Registered Users
    edited August 22

    I also hope that CA give us this battle! We need complete game not 99,99% like now.
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  • masterslaymasterslay Junior Member Posts: 41Registered Users
    edited August 9
    I have also tried reaching out to gamestop, but they dodged the topic like a pro as usual.

    Usually by pretending they didnt understand the question and link me to another unrelated dlc dragon war battle pack and try and sell that instead.

    The same thing CA does. Avoiding/ignoring these topic, cause they know their own wrongdoing, but dont want to right their own wrong. And it would be so easy to correct this mistake.

    Why is there any reason for CA and Gamestop to be so petty. Its been so many years now, please just release it. I dont mind if I have to pay for it, but just release it already please.
  • Saurto93Saurto93 Posts: 13Registered Users
    edited August 22
    Maybe there is possibility to unlock this battle in game files using PackFileManager. I send so many messages to GameStop and CA and still nothing. Why?! :s I just wonna have a really complete version of game. :'(
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