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Total war rome 2 does not launch Windows10 2017

HunteRiseHunteRise Posts: 4Registered Users
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Hello everyone has now nearly 2 weeks that I bought total war rome 2 and I is not puce and play the game does not start while I have beautiful and well configuration to make it spin, pus I am not moderated to activate, I have reinstalled become you, here is the game several faith I am going on several forums Su success I had a contact sega and after several methods the I always start using plz thank you in advance
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  • HunteRiseHunteRise Posts: 4Registered Users
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    Hello I just wanted to add that I download my directly on steam and that I install them on my old pc and it works hard because of my config but it starts I do not understand why on a pc more preform the game would not turn No thank you for answering
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  • HunteRiseHunteRise Posts: 4Registered Users
    Hello there are several weeks that I have posted to post but nobody will reply me it will be cool if the gen who we see post can share it or inform the dev thank you
  • DiooTangDiooTang Posts: 1Registered Users
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    Hello @Huntrise,

    I experienced the same problem as you (I believe), and after hours of research just solved it today. Thought about letting you know in case it could help you, or the community. @CA

    Basically through Steam the game didn't launch when I hit "Play" button. I went to the local file and try to launch both Rome2.exe, and then Launcher.exe (in the subfolder "Launcher").

    Rome2 did the same as Steam, and as well, gave 0 clue (!!!) . But Launcher.exe gave an error message about a missing dll : msvcr100.dll .

    After some research I found this tuto : https://www.lifewire.com/how-to-fix-msvcr100-dll-not-found-or-missing-errors-2623799 . From there I followed the link to Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 download page (read the article), and installed the appropriate version. (for me it was x86. the x64 version did nothing).

    Hope you encounter the same pb and this help.

  • HunteRiseHunteRise Posts: 4Registered Users

    thank you for your help but I already have all the dll it needs and then my error is not the same but good I will not delayed to change my graphics card may be that it will solve my problem but thank you again

    PS: Sorry for my bad english
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