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Another "Surrender Winner" Arises

LordHaxbyLordHaxby Posts: 19Registered Users
I think we're not allowed to name and shame on here, but there is a furtive odd character out there in the PVP dueling area right now performing the old trick of "surrender in battle, but then next time you open the game you see the defeat window."

It may well be the same player who has been doing it all along, just with a new character. It seems incorrect to say that anyone who uses this kind of exploit has any character, but I'll leave those judgements to posterity.


  • LordHaxbyLordHaxby Posts: 19Registered Users
    Sorry for the duplicate post; I thought there was an error the first time around and posted again, just trying to get the PSA out there.
  • dge1dge1 Moderator Arkansas, USAPosts: 12,874Registered Users, Moderators, Knights
    Let's don spam the same message across multiple forums and threads. Closed.
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