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preferences.script errors

gekjgekj Junior MemberPosts: 76Registered Users
edited August 11 in Performance & Graphics
I've looked at preferences.script and found out 2 strange things :

1st one :

I've found the line

gfx_tesselation false; # gfx_tesselation <bool>, Enable tesselation #

Is there tesselation in the game ? didn't find an option IG. Whats if i set at true ?

2nd one :

For the depth of field we have this line

gfx_depth_of_field 1; # gfx_depth_of_field <int>, Set depth of field quality 0 - off, 2 - high #

So 0 for off, but when i set IG as on, the value is 1. If I change it to 2 on the file, IG it says that the DOF is off. So why this "2" value