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Failed to join game; Incompatible versions

MarcuriusMarcurius Registered Users Posts: 1

I've been having trouble with joining/hosting Multiplayer games in the last couple of weeks.
The error I get is "Failed to join game; Incompatible versions"
I do NOT use any mods and neither does my friends, whom I'm trying to play with. We all have the same DLCs.

I've read on the forums that people have experienced the same problem but I can not find a solution to it.
I checked the %appdata% modified logs and there I found a row stating "data_no.pack". So I went in and deleted that file and verified my files through Steam. Now the funny thing is, when I do that, the "data_no.pack" gets created again.. ?So I guess it's suppose to be there?
Note that when I delete this file, the Build in the start screen (in game) goes from "1.6.0 BUILD 14491.1150947 (modified)" to ""1.6.0 BUILD 14491.1150947". But when I verified my files through Steam, it goes back to "1.6.0 BUILD 14491.1150947 (modified)"... Why does it say Modified? I do not have any mods installed at all ( I've checked the Mod Manager, it's empty).
And I can't host/join Multiplayer games even if it doesn't say "Modified".

What am I missing here?

Please help.

Build: 1.6.0

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