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Want to improve Warhammer wiki! Looking for suggestions!

GreyKnightDanteGreyKnightDante Registered Users Posts: 339
Hello, I am an admin from the Warhammere wiki and I am coming by this forum and several like it to ask if anyone is willing to give suggestions on how best to improve my wiki. Despite my best efforts, I fear that my wiki isn't as readily trusted by a significant portions of the viewers that come by it, some of it is because I may have forgotten to cite a page properly or perhaps because some don't fell confortable reading a wiki where anyone can simply edit the pages.

As such, I came here to ask anyone for suggestions on how to improve my wiki, or perhaps point out any inconsistency or missing lore from any page within the wiki. My main priority for making this wiki was to provide people new to warhammer a quick guide to its universe. Of course, this wiki can never replace the armybooks and novels as source, but it will perhaps help get people up to speed on whats happening, especially since the release of Total War: Warhammer.

From what I've heard, there are two main issues with the wiki. Wrong content and unreliability.

Wrong Content/Missing Content

I understand that in a wiki with 4,000 pages, there will be certain wrong or missing content here than there within the wiki and as such I fully am prepared to correct any of these mistakes. It is simply a matter of them being pointed out.


I feel like this is the biggest issue when it comes to trusting the wiki. As such, I've already taken two steps forward in creating very accurate and detailed citations in almost each and ever made. Also, I am planning on protecting or blocking most pages from being edited by anyone not registered as a Wiki User. Rest assured that I am already thinking of ways in implementing this if it hopefully helps improve hte quality and reliabilty of the wiki in anyway.

Again, if you guys have any suggestion, please feel free to leave a comment. All I ever wanted was to improve this wiki in anyway.

Hello I am an admin from the Warhammer Wiki. Please feel free to give any suggestions on how to our improve at this forum thread here! ANY help or suggestions is welcomed!


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