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Pirate ship in a lake?

EmeraldEmerald Junior MemberPosts: 1Registered Users
edited July 2011 in Rome: Total War
Hi, I'm new.

I've been reading a bit here, but because I have problem I can't solve by myself, I just registered to ask for help.

I'm playing the Amazon mod and in the lake around Triton in North Africa spawned a pirate ship. There are no ports to that lake, so I can't just build a decere and send them to the bottom.

They can't disturb me in a sense of gameplay, but their mere existence is an offense to my imperial eye ;-)

Is there a cheat, I can use to create a ship, or to delete the pirates? Or do you know any other ways of getting rid of them? I know, cheats are kind of evil, but I don't know anything else...

Thanks for helping!
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  • HeirofAlexanderHeirofAlexander Senior Member Posts: 1,088Registered Users
    edited June 2011
    you can make ships if you use: create_unit "Admiral xxx" "naval deceres" you will need to have a ship there though, why not ask at this mods page at twc there should be one ;)
  • LouThundersLouThunders Senior Member Posts: 312Registered Users
    edited July 2011
    Or, why not use the move_character "Admiral xxx (pirate ship) to a cursorstat in open sea?
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