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CA pls answer- modding AI deal evaluation in diplomacy

ZeardZeard Posts: 6Registered Users
Open letter directed to CA developer and to anyone who could help me with the problem below

Request: AI deal evaluation equation + expaling how it works

I'm trying to mod likelihood of AI agreement to ceratain treaties considering their military situation( for example I want to make enemy nation to accept vassalage if I'm way more powerfull then them, they hate me and I'm at war with them and they are on the edge of extinction). The problem is that I don't know detailed equation for calculating likelihood of agreement so appropraite modding it become impossible. That's why I ask You to if you could show me the equation and rules of calculating it ( I need numbers, not sentences "If they like you they'll agree"). To mod it I'm using assembly kit's DAVE and 2 tables in it (4 in fact, but 2 of them doesn't have values in them, they are just base of keys) :
- cai_personality_deal_evaluation_deal_component_values
- cai_personality_deal_evaluation_components

Am I missing any other tables which are connected with calculating deal
evaluation and and have values in themselves? If these unknown by me tables exist , but assembly kit doesn't give access to them I'll make it work using those 2 tables , but I need to know the equation in order to do so. I would really appreciate help form your side so that I could have way more fun playing may favourite game and make other people buy Attila:Total War ,if I could publish my mod in Steam Workshop. I found fan-made year 2004 site that only gives some calculatig ideas, but it was in 2004 and it was Rome Total War.


Thank you for your time and please respond as soon as possible.

Below you can see those 2 tables( 3 photos)

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