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Ryzen 3 overclocked at 3.9ghz with GTX 1060 6gb

DukeofIbanezDukeofIbanez Posts: 3Registered Users
Would this run TW:WH at 1080p near 50fps? I doubt It would be able to get near Ultra settings but maybe on high with other settings being tinkered with.

Due to my budget and GPU mining demand, the Ryzen 3 and the GTX 1060 6Gb is about all I can do. If I went with a Ryzen 5 I think I would have to go down to a GTX 1050ti.


  • IchonIchon Senior Member Posts: 4,730Registered Users
    1300X is really good for its price. Not sure which Ryzen 3 you were looking at but that is what I'd probably get for a cheaper AMD build at the moment. GTX 1060 6gb is handling Warhammer pretty well in most of the reviews I've seen. Quite a few Ultra settings should be able to be set.

    My CPU is only about 10% faster than the 1300X and still running on a GTX 770 can do 50% of the Ultra settings and get over 50 fps. Your setup would have faster GPU and slightly slower CPU, large battles, turns times might be a bit slower and if you don't have SSD load times will be noticeable.
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