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Intencional lag , abuse players

manuelbuenomanuelbueno Registered Users Posts: 129
finish with the intentional lag of certain players facilitating their expulsion of the game and loss of the instant game, it is unbearable people that is dedicated to saturate the game so that your units do not respond orders, vampires with flying units especially are the injured


  • manuelbuenomanuelbueno Registered Users Posts: 129

    I did not want to take this position, but in the end I will be forced to make public the web of download of the program and the guides pages so that all the players have knowledge of this.
    The program in question allows players in multiplayer to manipulate the speed of the game to their advantage.

    I'll give you a margin time, aside from what I've been waiting for before. but I see that the administrators get down to work with this topic I will publish it in all communities of total war
  • Lumpymayo1Lumpymayo1 Registered Users Posts: 17
    CA don't care about the multiplayer experience.
  • manuelbuenomanuelbueno Registered Users Posts: 129

    Do you see it right that I get 500 euros for a game where people can cheat?

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