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Are quarries still buffed by farms?

6a99f36b6a99f36b Posts: 1Registered Users
I only started playing recently

When I read forums, I occasionally see people claiming that building quarries next to farms is simply a good idea, or that it increases quarry output

Since July, I have tried every combination of level x quarries next to level x farms, on the same level and above and below each other. I have not noticed different stone mining amounts in the building description or in the pickups. I haven't recorded the time between pickups, but the building description doesn't change and when I take the pickup it shows the same time remaining as ever.

Does this adjacency buff still exist? Or was it patched out?



  • HybridHybrid Junior Member Posts: 652Registered Users
    There is no adjacency buff for any of the resource buildings (Woodcutters, farms, quarries, blacksmiths). If it doesn't say anything in the info window on the left, then it doesn't exist. There are no hidden buffs.

    Now, depending on how old these threads were... perhaps what was meant is that farms and quarries might be placed together in certain ways. At level 3, quarries are much more productive than farms, but quarries have to be spaced out. The more quarries you can fit onto any land (including land with farms/wheat), the better.
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