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DezziDezzi Registered Users Posts: 21
Hi all I can't seem to unlock the Bards Hall building as the Celts. I completed 3 heroic victory's but it has not unlocked.


  • Kassandra1987Kassandra1987 Registered Users Posts: 1
    I've heared of that Bug several times and are about to check it out.

    Some people say you got to complete 3 heroic victorys with the same (!) general.
    Others claim that even then the bard's hall doesn't unlock.

    Quit franckly.
    I think the conditions to unlock the bard's hall in the first place are kinda dumb.

    So CA is telling us that Celts didn't allow Bards to sing indoors until some guy did something heroic 3 times???

    This should be patched to a less stupid condition.

    I was already looking for a mod to fix this, but unfortunatly noone adressed this issue as of yet.

    I'll get back when I checked this bug out myself.
  • STSilverTongueSTSilverTongue Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 3
    OP is probably no longer interested in this thread, but I'll just say it here in case anyone else stumbles upon this thread. I read from the following source that you need 3 offensive heroic victories, defensive heroic victories do not count:


    I tried it myself and that was true. The bards hall for my picts campaign finally unlocked after 3 offensive heroic victories.

    The easiest way to get offensive heroic victories are naval battles where you intercept an enemy transport fleet with your navy. Have 4-6 onagers in your fleet with 1-2 ships of heavy infantry. (Adjust it such that your victory bar is AGAINST your favour at the beginning of the battle). Have your assault ships go to the middle of the enemy fleet. The enemy will be occupied swarming your assault fleet. Shoot them one by one with your onagers to drown them. 2 onager fire shots should be enough to destroy a single transport fleet. Get their general first so the enemy routs earlier. Make sure you don't have too much casualties.
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