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Multiplayer improvements.

FarseerCoastFarseerCoast Posts: 4Registered Users
edited September 19 in Feedback and Suggestions
Hi there!

This is my first post (after a long time with some error that didnt allow me to log in/ post with my actuall acount) and as a multiplayer focused player, I would like to point out some goodies that MP battles could have and would improve the experencie of MP, without being too hard to develop to CA.

First of all, the old complains about the current ladder we all (mostly MP players) know. Those could be easily fixed with a good patch, but we are still waiting.

The changes I refer to, are some profile and races-rank system. Right now you play multiplayer battle and the only progression you know is the leader board, which is affected by some issues and it is not really well divided in to leagues or something.

What I can imagine would be a really nice touch, is kind of a League of Legends ladder system, followed with a profile where you can choose all kind of customization, from an avatar of your favorite race, to other stuff related to what race you are playing, which modes (normal, siege, 2v2...) and how good you are doing, unlocking titles, ranks and whatever stuff CA implements.

With this kind of system the main issue I found with MP battles (you play one and another and another but are no more than single battles with no gaming progression whatsoever, cause ladder is "meh") woulnt be that much strong and players who actually like the competitive face of the MP battles, could have some more juicy stuff apart of some tournament once in a while.

I really dont get why is CA giving MP no importance and not caring too much, we are not that many as the single players, ok. But dont you think that with a proper MP lobby and profile and/or ladder progression (in general) improvements, we could be a lot more and playing much more frequently, with much more tournaments and creating some kind of attraction for the MP to people who is not currently playing?

I really think this would take not too much work from CA, due to it would be almost all interface and database work, and it would be such an awesome improvement of the multiplayer experience when playing the long run...

Lets see If we can take this topic to the top and have them reading it, specialy hope people who loves MP give their ideas with a much better english than mine. I feel Im not giving the whole idea perfectly because of language issue, but well.

Hope people get what I mean and CA gives a look and a try, why not!?

Greetings from Spain :)

Long live the Lizardmen and uncle Pepe!

Edit: I just notice I got bit lost of section. Please some mod move this to feedback of TW:W and apologies for it :*
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