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Wrath of Sparta Bee Shield Bug

laurasyvertlaurasyvert Registered Users Posts: 1
Hello! I contacted support and was told to come here. I've got the Rome II Emperor Edition on Steam for Mac.

I've got a bug (pardon the pun) with WoS where all the hoplites for all factions have bumblebees on their shields and no other designs. The Spartans have majority lambdas, but around a third of them have bees. While the bees are kinda cute and all, I would like to have the variety and flavour that the Greeks of Rome II are supposed to have. I've tried a number of fixes, including:

-verifying game files
-deleting all files/folders in Library>The Creative Assembly>Rome2
-mods that are supposed to fix/change shields (didn't work)

This bug only appears on the battle map. Armies on the strat map still have a variety of designs on their shields. I'm at a loss here. It's not a game breaking issue—I'll still play if I can't fix this—I'd just really like to fix it, if I can. Has anyone else encountered this issue before? Is there a fix for it?

Here are some screenshots of the problem: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bxel48fAPNOWRzVaY0N2MWtBYUU

Thank you so much in advance! :)
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