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Dear CA or Community, I need help

ChaosDragonBornChaosDragonBorn Registered Users Posts: 1,487
@CA_Duck @CA_Whelan @CA_Ato @CA_Tom @CA_Matthew
I've been trying to give Wulfrik the Wanderer a variant head mesh of his own, because he doesn't have one, so it's difficult to do what I want to do. I basically want to texture Wulfrik's hair black, and give his head to Archaon. But wulfrik only has a body mesh and everything else but a head mesh.

CA please give Wulfrik a variant head rigid model v2 or something. Or community, please give me your ideas on how to make Wulfrik's head mesh.

I've settled with this for now. I like how it turned out, but I wanted to use Wulfrik's head.


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