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Actual Gameplay Performance higher than Benchmark.

BadMagickBadMagick Posts: 55Registered Users
edited September 2017 in General Discussion
I was wondering if anyone has this "issue" as well... It's not actually an issue but when I benchmarked the game through the options my performance was crazy low compared to WH1. I'm talking 30-40 fps whereas I used to play at 60+ fps in the first game.

Disappointed as I was, I half-hearted started a new HE campaign and, weirdly enough, the campaign map and battles run smoother than the first game O.o
I even had a battle of 6k units and the only drop I noticed was through the Effects that create smoke particles aka Eaglebolt Thrower.

Last but not least (I wish this can help you) I noticed an increase in FPS when I switched from Windowed to Fullscreen. Keep in mind that it made no difference whatsoever in fps, in the first game.

So anyone else noticed this?
I hope I helped with the Fullscreen thingy.

That is all.


  • EpicTitan44EpicTitan44 Posts: 60Registered Users
    well i agree same settings in actual game gets higher FPS than the bencmark so the benchmark do not reflect the fps in actual gameplay
  • andreii707andreii707 Constanta, RomaniaPosts: 648Registered Users
    Same here, the benchmark was choppy at times but the game itself runs better.
    "Don't leave for tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow." - Will find the author of the quote some other time.
  • Gunga_dinGunga_din Member Posts: 319Registered Users
    Interesting. Any other option of anti aliasing besides fxaa dropped my fps to 30-40 on ultra settings, so I turned it off. Gonna give it a try later
  • ItharusItharus Senior Member Posts: 8,002Registered Users
    This is the case for me since Rome 2.

    Benchmarks? Abysmal.

    In game? Perfectly fine.

    Except for Attila... that game runs the worst of all of the TW games that I have. No clue why.
  • LarboLarbo Junior Member Posts: 147Registered Users
    Possibly unrelated but I'm amazed at how much faster game 2 loads battles and campaign map compared to the first game.
    I first had a bit of a panic when I read the requirements - I was 1GB Ram short.
    Finally got hands on some old Ram that fits my antiquated PC. So I'll be up to 8GB for when ME is released.
    Had the same omg this won't work when running benchmark but playing works fine.
  • BrakierBrakier Posts: 1,528Registered Users
    edited September 2017
    i never use benchmark, you only need a basic understanding what your machine is capable of.

  • BadMagickBadMagick Posts: 55Registered Users
    Brakier said:

    i never use benchmark, you only need a basic understanding what your machine is capable of.

    No, I get it and I agree with that, I only use it once I enter a game for the first time just to get the general idea for optimisation which gave me horrid results. Then again as I said in my post when I entered the campaign/battle maps it's way-way higher.

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