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Well done CA!

BelphegorBelphegor Posts: 22Registered Users
As the title says: well done CA, I'm loving WH II so far, which is bit of a surprise as I wasn't super excited about any of the races.

I'm about 200 turns into a Tyrion campaign and I'm loving every minute of it. You guys took a risk with the more story focussed campaign but it really paid off in my opinion.

I've been getting a real Shogun 2 vibe from what's been happening in Ulthuan in my campaign, which is totally unexpected but really good.

The only thing that I think would add to my enjoyment of the fantastic Vortex map would be naval combat. Now don't mistake this for me complaining about the game (I'm not, I love it as it is) or trying to start up that old argument (again - I'm 100% happy with the game as it currently is)

I understand CA's stated reasons for keeping things land-centric and I love the results so I wouldn't want naval combat instead of the WH II I currently have, but, if there were ever a possibility of naval combat being added I would buy it straight away.

Either that or I'll wait for the next historical title to rule the waves

Any way, keep up the stellar work CA, WH II has exceeded my expectations.


  • ostrogothostrogoth Senior Member Posts: 485Registered Users
    Fully agree. The game is fantastic, far better that the first part of the trilogy(which was also awesome). Campaign is the best one in the series. Can't wait to see upcoming updates and content.
  • BrutalicusBrutalicus Junior Member SwedenPosts: 94Registered Users
    edited September 2017
    Yes i agree.

    When they first did talk about it i did not like the vortex mechanic at all. I had the feeling it would be a simple race against a ticking clock. That is what it is, but its more to it then that. I have only finished one rite, but i like it very mutch so far.

    I dont think i would want to trade away the TW sandbox thing, that TW is known for, but it is very nice and a fresh breeze to have something different. When the mortal empire map come, we will have two very good and different campaigns.

    Great job!
    I played pool and had some beers during my english lessons. So my english are inferior, but in a superior way. :)
  • CA_WhelanCA_Whelan Posts: 681Registered Users, Moderators, Administrators, CA Staff, Community Team
    Amazing to see so many people loving the game! Please do consider leaving a positive review on Steam :smile:
  • BrutalicusBrutalicus Junior Member SwedenPosts: 94Registered Users
    CA_Whelan said:

    Amazing to see so many people loving the game! Please do consider leaving a positive review on Steam :smile:

    Yepp did that yesterday! :)

    It is amazing how good the game looks. I did not expect that at all. Warhammer I looked awesome, but game two is even better.

    The influence mechanic with the HE is great as well.

    So mutch to do... :)
    I played pool and had some beers during my english lessons. So my english are inferior, but in a superior way. :)
  • SniperBob177SniperBob177 Posts: 310Registered Users
    edited September 2017
    Only played 30 turns yesterday, and looking fwd to a weekend of fun.

    No complaints from me. Good Job !!!

    Ps. My favourite feature - showing the percentage movement I hav left as a figure!!
  • zzdjdegmzzdjdegm New York, United StatesPosts: 269Registered Users
    I agree with you except for siege battles
  • DolorousEddDolorousEdd Junior Member Posts: 555Registered Users

    Thanks CA.
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  • Xenos7Xenos7 Posts: 5,187Registered Users
    The game is very good and reviews are stellar, but the number of players launch seems lower than Warhammer 1. Wonder if CA is fully satisfied with the result.
  • bennymclbennymcl Senior Member Montreal, CanadaPosts: 2,797Registered Users
    I don't know why anyone thinks a story campaign wouldn't work. Warhammer isn't some silly non-sense fantasy story. It's incredibly rich and in my own opinion, even though the story is good, there still isn't enough of it! haha
  • GimblobGimblob Posts: 192Registered Users
    Jup, it's super duper awesome.
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