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Constructuve feedback

Johlin94Johlin94 Registered Users Posts: 12
Currently playing as the Dark Elves and am loving the game so far. Just some pointers I have noticed though, I just sallied forth to defend my settlement, but my garrison army came onto the map from the wrong side. It would be nice to see armies come in from the side they are on in the campaign map. Also, I am sure this will be addressed, but the ai seems to have some weird behaviours on the battle field. For example there have been several times where the ai could have exploited the positioning of my units (which they would have done in the first game) but they instead attacked somewhere else. These are just some things I noticed which seemed to be addressed in the first game, and it would be awesome to see them addressed in the second as wel. Keep up the amazing work though!


  • mamluk881mamluk881 Registered Users Posts: 10
    Just gotta say props to the CA team for making such an amazing game! It's clear you guys put a lot of amazing work into the game and the games really do keep getting better and better! Thanks for all your hard work CA!!!!!!!

    Playin High Elves right now and killin it :smiley:

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