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Someone tell me why console cheats have been left out?

GameroftheAceGameroftheAce Junior MemberPosts: 4Registered Users
edited September 2010 in Napoleon: Total War
I just bought napoleon (not having played total war since rome alexander)....and only when i'd paid £29.99 did i find out there was NO CONSOLE CHEAT MENU!!!!!!!!! This is ridiculous and because this irritated me so much i will not but shogun 2 unless they see the (massive) error of their ways.
Judge me if you will but cheats give one a certain control and i for one actually only use them in certain cir***stances.
I cannot explain in clear enough terms how much less money sega will make by doing this illogical backward step....I mean I have just thrown £30 down the drain. And yes this is only because i am being stubborn and refusing to play it now but sometimes people have just got to stick to their principles.
Is there a way to contact the designers to beg them not to make the same mistake a THIRD TIME!!!?!!!! (apparently Empire total war didn't have console cheats either...~?????????????????????????????????????????????????!)
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  • secret spysecret spy Banned Posts: 786Banned Users
    edited September 2010
    will u stop spamming every single board about this 1 topic!?! see my reply one one of ur other threads!
  • SkollopSkollop Senior Member Behind you :OPosts: 3,226Registered Users
    edited September 2010
    It has been left out because the developers didn't need it. In Rome it was there because the developers needed it when testing. But the don't need it anymore. So there is a very logical explanation...
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  • RavenNZRavenNZ Member Posts: 82Registered Users
    edited September 2010
    who wants to cheat in the game anyway. Cheating turns the game to rubbish. Just look at MW2 at all the hackers and cheaters on that.
  • ImpalerImpaler Banned Posts: 46Banned Users
    edited September 2010

    If you love that console cheat so much, why didn't you buy the next game in the franchise that came after Rome, meaning Medieval 2 Total War + the Medieval 2 Kingdoms expansion, because this was the last game in the franchise that had console cheat menu?
  • PrussianPrussian Member Posts: 76Registered Users
    edited September 2010
    RavenNZ wrote: »
    who wants to cheat in the game anyway. Cheating turns the game to rubbish. Just look at MW2 at all the hackers and cheaters on that.

    I think you should leave the decision to the one who plays the game. If someone wants to use cheats, why not? As long as he does not cheat in multiplayer mode it doesn't disturb anyone else.
    But it is true that a console for cheating is not an essential part of the game.

    @GameroftheAce: I don't know what cheat you are exactly looking for but if you want to have more money you can try a cheating tool like cheat engine: http://www.cheatengine.org/
  • The Elephant KingThe Elephant King Senior Member Posts: 144Registered Users
    edited September 2010
    if u can only beat the ai with cheats y play? just saying
  • HardwaremasterHardwaremaster Senior Member In 3dsmax Los Angeles CaliforniaPosts: 6,391Registered Users, Tech Moderators
    edited September 2010
    Duplicate Thread, and is being discussed elseware. Also the thread is spiraling down the drain.

    Please discuss this topic in your original thread:

    Thank you

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