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A bug and some issues

NeluvNeluv Registered Users Posts: 1
edited October 2017 in Campaign & Battle Bugs
Hello, I've found some problems while playing TWW2.

1. Morathi spell "The Pendulum" (winds of magic) bugs when used in uneven ground:
So was playing Morathi's adventure battle, and when used "The Pendulum" above 3 units of enemy archers, that were on top of the montain, the spell started the animation but suddenly disappeared. Tried again with the same result, it felt like the spell was starting normally but then going "underground".

2. Formation of the army breaking when using "Clic + alt + drag" to move the whole army foward:
I'm used to move my whole army by draging like that, but in this game i did it some times and, the diferent groups move around, for example, my backline archers move and go over my frontline melee.

3. Lizardmen acting weird:
Sometimes I give orders when playing the lizardmen and it feels like they forget them. And of course I'm not talking about when they go on frenzy. It's just like: I select my cavalry and order them to push the enemy archers, and suddenly find them just chilling in the middle of the way to the archers.

I hope that these are usefull and will apreciate any answer, from everyone who can help with this.

Greetings, Neluv.


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