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Fixing the Skaven

lionsaylam@gmail.com[email protected] Registered Users Posts: 2
edited October 2017 in Feedback & Suggestions
I'm 50 turns into Queek's campaign and have become pretty disappointed in the Skaven due to their lack of character. So I've decided to make a hopefully short and straightforward topic on what I would like changed:

Food - The mechanic does not help gameplay at all but is a hindrance from turn 1. Skaven should feel like an ever growing disease which ruthlessly takes over the land they inhabit. With food penalties this is impossible as every army reduced the amount of food intake. This would not be a problem if the ways of gaining food were not so impotent. There needs to be a building or two, and a technologies which increase food. Province effects should be buffed here too. Otherwise the only way of maintaining food is raiding neighbours and potential allies, or keeping all your provinces on the same status.

Using food is also disappointing. Whilst other factions take over enemy settlements at 1 tier below what they were prior, the Skaven must use precious food to do this which never pays off.

Horde - There is no use for Skaven slaves on the campaign due to their cost-effectiveness compared to Clanrats. Skaven slaves flee too quickly in battle, rendering them useless, even as a meat shield. Slaves and Clanrats would work better if they were able to hold an enemy in place longer, be additional summons in battle, or work as a release from other units such as the war hounds in Rome2. I'm not sure how unbalanced it would make the faction or how it would affect performance, but the idea of additional unit spaces in Skaven armies, for Clanrats and slaves is another appealing addition.

Due to the upgrading nature of units in these games, lower tier units such as Clanrats, which are the backbone of the race, quickly become outmatched by all enemy forces, rendering them useless. I think base Skaven units need increased leadership, and slightly better melee stats so that they actually have some fighting potential on the battlefield.

Friendly Fire - Not sure if it's a bug, a conscious decision or just lazy coding, but the Skaven really need friendly fire to be active, my Warpfire-throwers are often under utilised due to their lack of will to fire into or near friendly units. It would be more in-keeping with the Skaven feel if friendly fire was enabled, and even rewarded, offering additional moral damage to the enemy perhaps.

To summarise, the Skaven army needs to hold out longer so that they actually work as a horde and the food system needs a complete rework so that it isn't solely a hindrance. Still enjoying the game overall, I'm not disappointed in my purchase, and look forward to the Mortal Empires release, as well as mod support.


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