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TW WH2 Battle Improvements

CA_AtoCA_Ato The Creative AssemblyRegistered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff Posts: 700
To give you an idea of how many battle improvements were made in WH2, here is a collection of changes large and small. The list is certainly going to miss things, but we have been working on a lot of builds, while a lot of impactful changes came knotted together, and bug-fixes and new features often went hand-in-hand. If you notice changes missing from that list, give us a shout and we will add them.

Kind regards, Ato

  • A single click order now defaults to run instead of walk
  • Mounts can now fire missiles, spells and special abilities
  • Units can now fire missiles, spells and special abilities specifically when airborne or when on the ground
  • Chariot riders now fully support all types of spells and special abilities
  • A ton of new triggers for special abilities and spells added to allow features like Murderous Prowess, Attuned to Magic and Cold Blooded
  • New spawn-mechanic for units bursting out of the ground added
  • New spawn-mechanic for units bursting out of another unit added
  • Chokepoint battles added
  • Free-for-all multiplayer mode added
  • Quick battle unit caps added
  • Quest battle intro cinematics added
  • Army abilities added
  • Rampage trait added
  • Expendable trait added to Peasants, Goblins, Skavenslaves and the like, reducing the amount of chain routing they will cause
  • Unspottable trait added for units that can hide at very short distance from the enemy, for example by using a smoke bomb
  • Spell lists can now be custom-made, for example to combine spells of several lores into one list
  • Extra targeting options for the player and AI to improve casting for moving and static area of effects
  • Improved the shrapnel system to allow things like the doomrocket’s clusterbomb mechanic
  • Loads of new ability types and sub-types – governed by better balancing and more distinct behaviour
  • Damaging volumes, explosions and vortices can now be set to affect enemies or allies only
  • Units that fire multiple projectiles at once can now be set to either fire all of those shots at the same point or to select different targets for each
  • Projectiles can now be told to prefer targeting the centre of a unit
  • Projectiles can now damage siege towers and battering rams
  • Line of sight checks of projectiles improved so that they can reliably be lobbed over friendly units
  • Explosion damage now applies more uniformly to heavy and light infantry
  • Bombardments can now be set to face the direction of the attacker, which looks nicer on carpet-bombing Phoenixes for example
  • Bombardments can now be homing
  • Players can now select the direction of wind and breath spells
  • Passive abilities can now have a duration
  • Several Chariot fixes, for example Generals on chariots now properly count as Generals
  • Chariot mount damage no longer increases with more mounts, making it easier to balance them
  • Units now always get their charge bonus when hunting down routing units, making strong chargers ideal for that task
  • New system for super-chaotic formations added, allowing for highly disorganised groups of skirmishers and slaves
  • New siege map layouts added, now with more height differences and more varied wall shapes
  • Improvements to moving onto and off walls
  • Flying units now land more neatly and as a result get fewer attacks against monstrous targets, making cycle charging less efficient
  • Flying units now can’t take off immediately after landing, again making cycle charging less efficient
  • Large units no longer play hit reaction animations when hit by small arms fire
  • Units on the ground now can skirmish away from flying units
  • Units can now be knocked off cliffs and down chasms, falling and flailing, their life passing before their eyes as gravity pulls them ever closer towards certain death
  • Reduced the collision size of trees, making it easier to fire out of a forest, but also granting units inside the forest less protection from missiles
  • Harassment AI added
  • Stop and Shoot AI added
  • Bracing AI improved
  • Improved how AI switches between multiple shot types
  • Unit experience ranks reworked and new character skills added that specifically buff high rank units
  • New alert added that highlights rallying units
  • Small and Large unit size is now shown on the unit info panel
  • Melee and missile contact effects can now apply traits like Rampage
  • Battle maps are no longer procedurally stitched together, but each crafted by hand to improve their beauty and playability
  • Tweaks and fixes to fatigue; riders of warbeasts no longer cause fatigue when firing missiles
  • Hybrid missile and melee units can now use charge reflection even whilst firing
  • Jump attack chance added, allowing for more jumping attacks on heroes and acrobatic units
  • Added more quick battle data for better unit and faction balancing
  • Added more AI army templates, creating more variety in army compositions and allowing for armies with special roles, like harassment regiments
  • Added more control over AI spellcasting
  • More campaign unit modifiers added, allowing skills and techs to modify explosions, missile range, spell costs and more
  • Battle difficulty modifiers are now data-driven and mod-able
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