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Items disappearing?

javlarjavlar Registered Users Posts: 7

Probably a stupid question but I seem to have misplaced an item one of my lords picked up.

I got it from a "sea encounter" and all I can remember is that it was Unique and I believe it was a ring. Was pretty stoked but then when I try to equip it to one of my characters I just can't find it.

I am playing as High Elves and my first thought was that maybe I don't have any characters that can equip that specific item. I don't have any High or Light Mages nor any Loremasters, the rest I have. Are there items unique to any of these "classes"?

Also is there somewhere where you can view your whole inventory? It's a bit annoying to not be able to find something I just looted :)


  • zspianozspiano Registered Users Posts: 376
    Did you lose a battle which an item could be lost to the enemy lord as a penalty.
  • epic_160095107267RzXYm7Mepic_160095107267RzXYm7M Registered Users Posts: 363
    edited October 2017
    Sometimes these show up on the next turn and are not always instantly available.

    If you get an item after a battle and the lord has free space it shows up straight away (1 turn to equip).

    If it says assign to someone. It's not always available until the next turn.
  • javlarjavlar Registered Users Posts: 7
    Didn't lose any battles and It's been two or three turns now but nowhere to be found.

    I'll go back to an autosave and see if I can figure out what happened, I guess that it was a random drop though so not sure I'll get it again.
  • javlarjavlar Registered Users Posts: 7
    So I went back to the save and I'm none the wiser. I'll post the screenshots and maybe someone has an explanation :)

    Picking up the ring:

    Then nowhere to be found:

  • javlarjavlar Registered Users Posts: 7
    Is it that this ring, The Carstein Ring, is only equippable by the Vampire Counts or something like that? In that case, weird that I got it? :o
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