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Morathis' trade set up needs work

MightyJingoMightyJingo Registered Users Posts: 1
The game makes it hard to trade with other DE factions. This is because your starting region has no ports and no land connection to anyone! In order to trade you have to either:
1) Colonise The Ashen Coast to get a land connection with the Obsidian Peaks province
2) Push south into the Grey Guardians province to get the port in the Gray Rock Point region

The problems with 1) are that you have to waste time and money colonising when you want to go fight people and the provinces there have bad climates and take a long time to develop.

The problems with 2) are that again you have to push into bad climate regions and waste time colonising and you have to fight the minor faction Ss'ildra Tor. I like fighting but the game gave me a quest to sign a non aggression treaty with them! So you are punished for acquiring the port you need in order to trade and have a healthy economy.

I did not choose option 1 or 2 but instead pushed into the The Black Coast province which has developed provinces and perfect climate. Problem is, Iron Peaks (your starting province) and The Black Coast don't quite touch other, which of course means you can't trade. This is made even more frustrating by the fact there is a port in The Black Coast and that there are three resources in Iron Spike for you to sell. The game even invites you to attack The Black Coast by giving you a nice shallow area between Iron Peaks and The Black Coast for you to quickly march across!

I have finished a Tyrion campaign and I am playing a Krog Gar one and both those Lords can trade very early on and get lots of money, but Morathi struggles to trade because of the current set up. I suggest you make it so that Iron Spike and The Black Coast touch each other because right now trading as Morathi is unnecessarily difficult.

Love the game!
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