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Total War Warhammer 2 unplayable Framerates

ChillingPandaChillingPanda Registered Users Posts: 1
Hey there,

my specs are:
Windows 7-64 bit,
Intel Core i7-2600 [email protected] 3.40 Ghz
Nvidia GeForceGTX 560 Ti

I tried several settings and updated my drivers. Still, when I run a benchmark test I get 29fps max. Usually it´s around 14fps, even at the lowest setting. I don´t know much about Hardware and stuff and I don´t expect the game to be running in ultra HD after some magical stuff, but could u guys please tell me at which settings the game might be able to run smoothly without getting eye-cancer.

If my hardware is generally to weak, please tell me which part. I have been thinking about updating my setup in general lately anyway.


  • GrayFoxCZGrayFoxCZ Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 71
    Sadly enough GTX 560TI is way too weak for this game :/
    I dunno how much do you have to spare but I would get 2x8 GB RAM (dual channel is important) and at least GTX 1050 Ti or (pricier but lasts longer) GTX 1060 6GB - sorry for the delay hadnt been here for some time.
  • QinshiQinshi Registered Users Posts: 217
    8gb RAM for gaming in anno 2017 is not enough.

    And a GTX 560 ti.. jesus christ, that is acient technology these days.

    buy an extra 8GB ram (the same speed as the one you have now) and buy a better GPU.

    Even a GTX 1070 with an i7 7700k CPU cant outmax this game without dropping below 50fps (if everything is maxed out).

    Prob need a GTX 1080ti now a days.

    But your PC: CPU, RAM, motherboard and GPU is to slow, to weak now a days. (for the recent AAA titles)

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