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Korela Star Fort Bug

SirEdwardSirEdward Registered Users Posts: 4
Greetings, fellow gents!

I'm having an unprecedented bug with a fort on the Finland region: 3 turns ago, I invaded took Äbo from the Swedish playing as the British. On the 4th turn after the occupying the settlement, the pre-existing artillery fort there "magically" upgraded to a star fort. When I saw it on my construction report, I immediately thought "Wait, WTF?!". Then loaded my previous savegame (my experience with countless bugs on ETW made me long ago take the habit to save constantly to avoid losing my campaign to unexpected file corruption).

After I did load the game and checked whether I had put a star fort upgrade going on the artillery fort there, as I already expected, I didn't! Then I pressed "enter", all the other nations played, and then, TA-DA, the bloody star fort again showing on my construction report! Now I'm considering go back to the save I did BEFORE taking Äbo (which sucks, man...). Did any of you ever experience that specific bug on Finland? The artillery fort is called "Korela", by the way. If you guys got any useful advice on how to fix (if that's fixable, I mean), I'd really appreciate it.

My sincerest regards,

Sir Edward.
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