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[BUG] Fireball Frenzy! (Ruby Ring of Ruin)

steam_164508503390f4Vc5wRsteam_164508503390f4Vc5wR Registered Users Posts: 3
The Ruby ring of ruin that gives 4x use of fireball is super broken. I have been able to fire upwards of 40x fireballs in 1 battle by clicking the cast button and clicking a target, then clicking cast and new target before it fires on old target, If you keep doing this really fast you will fire them like a machine gun. Ive had upwards of 3-5 fireballs in the air traveling same time from the same caster

I just took out an entire garrison with Kroq or some other lord (dont remember exactly) by spamming 40+ fireball until they were all dead. I say 40+ cause i was at about 38 count when i lost count due to laughing but i fired more so I'm guessing around 40.

Anywho until this is fixed my Lizard men shall be known as the "Arizona Lizard Fire"
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