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Playing all races

Zaknafein8Zaknafein8 Registered Users Posts: 2
Hello everyone,
i bought warhammer total war 2 and i red that in order to play with all races at once i need to have warhammer 1. So what's with the first dlc that is coming out? Should i buy total warhammer 1 and ALSO the dlc ( when it will be available)?

Thanks in advance!


  • bli-nk#6314bli-nk#6314 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 5,957
    You can play four races with 7 different starting locations just from Warhammer 2. The first major content release is free to owners of both Warhammer 1 and Warhammer 2 which is the combined map Mortal Empires campaign where the Warhammer 1 races- five included with base game and 4 as DLC are available to play in multi and single player.

    If you don't want to buy Warhammer 1 then the next DLC for Warhammer 2 is more likely Tomb Kings though as yet not officially confirmed by CA and there will not be a larger combined map for you to play on unless you buy the first game.
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  • RenegadeKnightRenegadeKnight Registered Users Posts: 161
    When mortal empires is released it will have a combined campaign with the game 1 and game 2 factions, as well as allow online play between the 2. You need both games to play mortal empires. Mortal empires should be out in a month or so.

    game one factions
    -vampire counts

    game one dlc factions( you purchase them separately)
    -wood elves

    game one also has unit packs
    -grim and the grave for empire and vampire count units
    -king and the warlord for dwarf and greenskin units.

    last off for game one there is a blood and gore pack. The blood and gore pack will also cover game 2.

    game 2 factions are
    -high elves
    -dark elves

    to get everything for mortal empires will cost 195 usd on steam. If you do plan on getting everything you might want to try to find a deal.

    As for game 2 dlc, tomb kings is all but confirmed since there starting region is on the map. Any other faction is just speculation right now.
  • Zaknafein8Zaknafein8 Registered Users Posts: 2
    Thanks for the replying, I wa interested in playing with all faction both multiplayer and single player. So I'll have to but the first one and the first dlc.
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