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AI can leave sieged city

Zamiel84Zamiel84 Registered Users Posts: 3
I've had this happen on multiple occasions now;

When i'm sieging a city with a separate army inside, said army can come out and attack other armies nearby (in my case was a single general collecting treasure so it was swiftly killed) .

Afterwards my army is still sieging the city but the enemy army is now outside and can move around as if it were never inside. (not sure if it needs to be coastal city since the army leaves by sea to kill my collector-general)

Easy to reproduce: just siege any enemy city with an army inside and park a single general nearby, army will come out and kill single general even if sieged.

Also think the zone of control is bugged, i've had AI armies just up and retreat straight trough my armies zone of control and once again out of reach.


  • Zamiel84Zamiel84 Registered Users Posts: 3
    Just had it happen again on my Dark Elf Campaign, was sieging a high elf coastal city with an army inside and one of my black arks came close. The army inside the SIEGED city just came out and killed it then ran off elsewhere. Meanwhile my army was still sieging the high elf city....

    Hope this is at least acknowledged as a bug...
  • Osprey#3500Osprey#3500 Registered Users Posts: 540
    Is not a bug. The army inside can leave the sieged city if the settlement has a port. Only happens in the coastal settlements.

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