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Staggering Flying Units

psychoakpsychoak Posts: 1,241Registered Users
You're riding a dragon, you've got a breath attack, a volley attack, you're a stone cold killer. Except once you're under archer fire, you can't actually do such things, because your dragon just sets there in the air looking **** while it gets shot to ****. You've literally nerfed yourself into oblivion against archer blobs, because you can't actually use your aoe abilities. If you only had a horse...

The other side of the coin, you fire off your bolt throwers, bullseye! Never mind, I just missed with the other 11 shots, because the dragon staggered, thus stopped moving, thus wasn't where the rest of the 12 artillery shot...

I'm not feeling intended results here. Can we maybe tone down this whole staggering thing?


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