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Unit Creation Help/Tips

CoRRupt3dFateCoRRupt3dFate Registered Users Posts: 9
I've seen all these great looking new modded units in the workshop and I would like to contribute to creating new units as well. The only issue is, I no experience with modding Total War Games. What would you recommend using to get started? Are there any tutorials that would be helpful to watch/read? Any tips from members of the modding community? Any help or tips is welcome and appreciated.

Thank you.


  • Intertriarriiae#9221Intertriarriiae#9221 Registered Users Posts: 396
    Hey man,

    If you have pfm downloaded just load up someones very simple single unit mod. I mean a mod that just adds a plain new unit, no abilities, only for custom battles and/or recruitable through a building in campaign.

    I learned modding mostly by myself. I started with some stat modding (which is very easy) then adding some unit abilities (which for some is also kinda easy) and finally unit visuals.

    Sometimes when I couldn't figure things out myself I asked on the steam workshop discussions, just start a new thread and ask as specific as possible. Most of the times someone will help.

    Personally I would recommend starting easy:

    1. Open up a unit mod like I said and go to "db" and then to "land_units_tables" and start doing some stat modding. In this table you'll find things like melee attack and leadership

    2. Go to "main_units_tables" and change the recruitment times, the costs and recruit limits.

    3. Go to "melee_weapons_tables" and go change some weapon damage stats like armor piercing and anti-large bonus for example

    After you feel comfortable with those things you can look into recruitment, abilities and maybe even unit visuals. Only after you feel comfortable with all those I would say start looking into special abilities and mounts
    Just tossing in my 2 heresies every once in a while.
  • CoRRupt3dFateCoRRupt3dFate Registered Users Posts: 9
    Thank you so much for the tips man, this was very helpful. I will be doing what you recommended until I fully understand it. Thanks again!
  • Intertriarriiae#9221Intertriarriiae#9221 Registered Users Posts: 396
    Sure man! Just don't forget to ask if you really can't figure something out. I was surprised by how fast other modders reapond.
    Just tossing in my 2 heresies every once in a while.

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